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Palestine Studies


Project Description

The Institute for Palestine Studies (IPS), is the oldest institute in the world devoted exclusively to documentation, research, analysis, and publication on Palestinian affairs and the Arab-Israeli conflict. 

About the client

The institute of Palestine Studies (IPS) Website.

Project goals, requirements and outcome

We undertook the development of a Brand new Drupal7 website to help IPS meet their objectives to:

  •  Promote new articles – publications and books – to their target audiences
  •  Create a powerful search engine that allow the website visitors to find related published content.
  •  Operate as an effective and efficient e-commerce site (to serve the purpose of buying books and publications online and accepting online donations).
  •  Easily search and access all the content which is published on the website.
  •  Target mailing of newsletters by group.
  •  To increase search engine visibility by implementing different SEO techniques.